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The Store at Kingston Records

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Martin Logo All of the items (if available) in the store can be purchased online using Pay Pal or sending us a money order. Please call us or e-mail us before making any order. Please check for availability first for the items below. Call us at 603-642-8493 or email us at kingstonrecords@comcast.net.

Guitars and Studio Gear for Sale

  • Fender "the twin" 100 watt guitar amp combo 2x12 excellent condition. $600.00
  • Mesa Boogie .50 caliber+ combo amp in great shape. $550.00
  • Giibson J 60 acoustic guitar with pickup and deluxe hard original case $1000.00
  • Bose power 7 channel xlr inputs amp/mixer with controller! $250.00

  • American strat plus in sunburst with original case. $675.00
  • Guild JF 55 jumbo pre Fender acoustic natural guitar with original Guild hard deluxe case with fishman pickup(9 volt type)! $1200.00
  • 1979 Les Paul Gold Top with rare maple neck. Awesome guitar in close to mint condition with original plush hard case! $2600.00

    Contact us if you want to purchase one of these items. We accept paypal or money orders. Paypal payments can be made to our email address below. Money orders can be mailed to the mailing address below.

    Kingston Records
    15 Exeter RD.
    Kingston, NH

    Feel Free to contact us at:


  • Green Two Tone Hat Item #1
    Martin Green Two Tone Hat (sold out)
    Price = $15.00

    Black Hat Item #2
    Martin Black Hat (sold out)
    Price = $15.00

    Tan / Green Logo Hat Item #3
    Martin Tan / Green Logo Hat(sold out)
    Price = $15.00

    Item #10
    "Hot selling item"-48 complete sets of Martin bronze or phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings. 48 sets for one price. These would cost 8-10 bucks a set in stores. You pay less than $2.00 a set. They come packaged as followed. Their are six plastic sleeves and 48 strings in each sleeve. 1 sleeve of 48 e strings, 1 sleeve of 48 a strings, 1 sleeve of 48 d strings, 1 sleeve of 48 g strings, 1 sleeve of 48 b strings, 1 sleeve of 48 e strings. This preserves the strings for years. These are not factory seconds. These are NOT darco's. We have med. guage light guage, or extra light guage. Your choice! Also have electric guitar string 48 packs.
    Price = $114.00 shipped in US.

    Here are a few of Cover tunes performed by Doug Mitchell & SUMx4 recorded at Kingston Records.