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or phone: 603 642 8493

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Kingston Records Studio Kingston Records is a full blown production recording facility featuring a Mitsubishi x850 32 track digital multitrack recorder and a Tascam 1" 16 track analog recorder into a Dayner D&R console. The same gear you'll find in major Nashville and New York studios. It is located at Mitchell Farms in Kingston, NH on a comfortable 70 acre horse farm within an hour of Boston, MA, Manchester, NH, Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME. The studio is 1,500 square feet with a main recording room 25'x22'. A full time engineer who has recorded hundreds of CD's and is a working musician with 5 albums to his credit.

There are also two isolation booths in full view of the main recording room. The studio also has a lounge, several couches, a pool table/weight room, and a big screen TV. For all you gear heads, here is a list of some of our gear: Mitsubishi 32 track ProDigi digital reel to reel recorder, 16 track Tascam 1" analog recorder,(consoles) D&R, Mackie,(Mics) Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, Ev, Audio Technica, Crown, Beyer. (outboard gear) Neve, Yamaha, Lexicon, Roland, Alesis, Orban, Shure, TC Electronic, Ashley, Audio logic, Mesa Boogie, Symetrics. (mix down gear) Tascam DAT, Marrantz, Mitsubishi, Otari, TC Electronic. Call now for rates and availabilty at 603-642-8493, or e-mail us!

Kingston Records Studio